Friday, November 27, 2009

The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem

This blog has become a confessional of sorts for me. First, I told you about my travel bug, then my obsession with bunnies. Did I mention my penchant for fabric? How 'bout handbags?

Oh the handbags...I can't stop myself. Even after I started my own small handbag business (did I mention I love fabric?) a couple years ago, it has been impossible for me to not buy a few gorgeous leather handbags that have crossed my path. I just hear them calling my name.

"They" say that you should be your brand when you own a small company. My brand is modern fabric handbags. Yes, I carry bags that I made quite often and love it when someone comments on them - I even give them a business card! But you can imagine my guilt when the urge hits to carry the new Kate Spade light blue leather handbag that I just purchased during the online sample sale (60% off - love it) or the pink leather Cole Haan beauty I got at Nordstrom for a steal.

I just can't "be my brand" all the time - alright?! I love leather, and I'm not afraid to say it.

So why this confession now? Because I went to the great handbag store today in Northwest Portland called Ellington, and I just need to share. It's local and fabulous! They design very stylish leather and nylon twill bags which are very well made. I had Ava (who is almost 3) with me today at their Sample Sale and all she kept saying was, "Mommy, I want a bag!" Yes, dear, I do too!

There's an awful lot out these days about shopping/buying local. I'm all for it (don't forget to check out my shop!), and I'll be sure to shop at Ellington again!

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  1. I've heard of that place and even driven by it many times, but have never been in! Seems as if I better make it a priority sometime... :) I love the bag in the pic!